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Juice Detox the sea.

A place to give your body the gift of nutrition, rest and rejuvenation.  We have created three plans to suits all different needs.  Whether you want the full experience with Meditations, Yoga, Breathing Exercises, Chi Gung, Rebounding, Walks in nature etc, Or you just want to receive your freshly pressed Juice, whilst working in the peaceful environment of your lodge accommodation, we are here to support you.

What is a Juice cleanse?

During a Juice Cleanse we abstain from all solid foods and instead consume cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices in unlimited quantities.  

This allows the digestive system to take a break from digesting food and encourages the body to detoxify on a much more profound level than normal.

what is included in this retreat?


Our Juice Cleanse Retreats are hosted in Rose Family Caravan Park in the seaside village of Anderby Creek in Lincolnshire.  

Our retreat is only 5 minutes walk from the local beach.

Our Programme

6 am Meditation

6.30 am to 7.15 am  – Morning yoga activation

7 am – 9 am – Juice & raw food bar open

8 am – Beach walk

9am – Juice and lounge

10am – Rebounding

11 am to 1 pm – Juice & Raw food bar open

2pm – Nutrition Talk

3pm – Wim Hoff Breathing Exercises

4 pm to 6 pm Juice & Lounge

6pm to 8pm – Optional Holistic Treatments

7pm to 21 pm Juice & Raw food bar open



Our Accommodation is provided in Contemporary Luxury lodges, with each lodge having 3 bedrooms.  

This ensures a more private experience, where guests can either participate in the program in the main function room, or retreat to the privacy of your lodge to rest, or focus on your work.

As many of our customers will choose a working holiday, we have ensured powerful wifi connections for each of our lodges and installed office style desks.

Quality Linen and Towels Supplied in the bedrooms.


Ivor Lyons
Martin Ducos

MEET The Team

Our team

We ❤ Juicing, and are passionate about holistic health and nutrition.

We have experienced the mental clarity and profound healing and rejuvenating effects that a Juice feast can have on the body and look forward to assisting you on your cleansing journey.

Need some healing or simply fancy a reboot?
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The Juice Haven

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Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 8am – 9pm

Phone: 07977 1234 22.

Rose’s family caravan park,
Sea Rd, Anderby Creek,
Skegness PE24 5XW,
United Kingdom

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