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Turmeric 2Kg
Sweet Potato Organic IQF 10kg
Organic sunflower oil 25kg
Strawberry Organic IQF 10kg
Spinach (Organic IQF 10kg)
Spinach Organic IQF 10kg
Very Berry - Smoothie - IQF 32X150G
Tropical Breeze Smoothie 32X150G
Strawberry & Banana - Smoothie IQF 32X150G
smoothie no1 / red CASE 32 x 160g
smoothie no5 / pink
smoothie no6 / green
Banana IQF Smoothie 32 X 150G
Citricious Frozen Smoothies - IQF
Berry Master IQF smoothie mix 32X150G
Mango - Smoothie - IQF 32 x 150g
Rasberry Organic IQF 10KG
Organic Pomegranate juice
Potato diced organic IQF 10kg
Pineapple (Organic IQF 10kg)
Pineapple (Class I, Organic, Fresh 12kg)
Peas organic fine green IQF 10kg
Pears - Organic, for juicing
Pears - Conventional, for juicing
Oranges - Organic 10kg case
Oranges - Conventional 10Kg
Mushrooms - Organic, IQF Sliced 10kg
Mixed Berry Organic IQF 10kg
Mango (Organic IQF 10kg)
Lime Juice - Organic, Bag in a box 20ltr
Lime Juice - Conventional, Bag in a box 20 ltr
Limes - For Juicing 4kg
Lemons - Organic, Class I
Lemons - Organic
Lemon Juice - Organic 20 litre
Lemon Juice - Conventional 20 litre bag
Lemons - For Juicing
Kiwi diced Organic IQF 10kg
Kale - Organic IQF 10KG
Grapefruit Juice - Organic - Bag in a box 20ltr
Ginger - Organic, class 1 2KG
Ginger (Class 1, Organic 13.6Kg)
Ginger Juice - Organic, NFC, Bag in a box 20ltr
Biodegradable cups lids and straws
Cucumber Organic 10Kg
Courgette / Zucchini - Organic IQF 10kg
Coconut Milk IQF PELLETS 15kg case
Cauliflower - Organic, IQF 10kg
Carrots - Organic 1047kg
Carrots - Organic bin 989kg
Carrots - Organic, IQF Diced 10kg
Carrots 12.5Kg
Carrots - Organic 1000kg bin
Blueberry (Organic IQF 10kg)
Blood Orange - Organic, Bag in a box 20ltr
Beetroot - Organic IQF 10kg
Beetroot - Organic 12.5 kg case
Beetroot - Organic, class 1 5KG
Banana (Organic IQF 10kg)
Avocado Cubes 10kg
Apple and Raspberry - Juice 1ltr
Apple Juice - Organic, NFC, Bag in a Box 20kg
Apple Juice (NFC, Organic 10ltr)
Apple - Juice 1ltr
Apple Puree IQF pellets 15kg case
Apple - Organic, IQF diced 10kg
Apples (Class II, Conventional)
Apples (Class II, Organic)
Acia - Organic IQF (4x4 100g) 1.6KG

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