Apple Daiquiri

6 x 55ml shots per bottle

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Organic Apple Daiquiri

At Jumpin we enjoy a little party as well as being passionate about being healthy and organic ! So we launched an amazing range of ready to drink organic cocktails . You will truly enjoy the experience of these delicious cocktails made with the best quality organic ingredients.

We do all our cocktails at 7% alc vol to keep them trouble friendly.

Nutritional Information

6 Organic Cocktail Shots –  Apple Daiquiri


Our organic Apple Daiquiri is a well-balanced combination of organic rum, apple juice, lime juice and agave syrup. Every single ingredient in this bottle is organically certified. We also choose to use natural agave syrup to sweeten our drinks.

How to Drink


Most frequent questions and answers

Jumpin cocktails is a selection of organic cocktails ready to enjoy anywhere. Enjoy a healthier option of the well-known cocktails. Only organic ingredients and natural sugars from organic agave syrup. There is always a healthier way!

We believe in organic and natural. All our drinks are made with organic, GMO free ingredients. We never add preservatives, colouring,water or sugar. Our drinks are vegan, gluten free and nut free. 

Absolutely, we are. Our ingredients have been grown without nasty chemicals. Our factory is certified as organic with the Soil Association and Salsa certification. 

You can download our Certification here.

Absolutely, we love every living being on this planet. All our recipes are vegan. 

Yes, they are normal. Natural ingredients can adopt that state. Make sure you shake the bottle before drinking it. 

Our cocktails’ shelf life is 12 month after they are produced. We gently pasteurised them. 

Usually our packages are delivered within 24hours, but if you order on Friday, deliveries are on Monday.

We work with DPD who will send you a track link and a window time frame for your delivery.

If the product does not arrive or arrives damaged please click on this link below for a direct email to us.

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